True love is rare, contribute your quota and kindle the flame

Relationship becomes sweet when the people involve are willing to sacrifice their time, energy and sometimes compromise.

Showing empathy, care and consistently telling your partner that you love him/her goes a long way in validating your love and it’s a form assurance that you are truly in love.

Do not take undue advantage of someone who loves you truly and deeply, love is a beautiful thing, the Bible says, He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord. A good husband is also a gift and favor from the Lord. It’s never a crime being in love, do not make your partner pay for a sin he or she obviously didn’t commit. If love is a crime, kindly document it, do not make innocent souls pass through hell because they love, cherish and care so much about you.

That young promising guy, that beautiful lady who goes out of her way to please you, sacrifice for you, stands by you, believes in you, trying her best to be there for you, contributing her quota to ensure sustainability and maintenance of a sweet relationship with you, yet! You feel it’s not just enough! You know that person is kind to you, those virtues are not easy to come by, you can’t afford to lose them.

With your lackadaisical attitude, you have even caused this person to lose his or herself trying to take care of you, dear friend if you know that guy/babe is deep in love with you, which is why they keep doing everything to keep you, do appreciate them, don’t neglect them, it takes two to tangle. True love is rare, when you find one please keep it.

Some guys/ladies are just wonderfully and fearfully made, you only meet them once in a lifetime, and when you make the mistake of losing them, you will forever regret your actions, the Scripture makes it clear that love covereth a multitude of sins, if your relationship is at the verge of jeopardy because of your attitude, you can make conscious effort to fix it and kindle the flame of love.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated. If someone loves you, respect the feelings and don’t take it as weakness, true love incorporates truth and value, being a good example could be worthy of emulation. I wish all the best in your relationship.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is quite realistic, just contribute your quota, true love is rare

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